This extremely high touch & high vibe personalized private coaching will provide you with the right amount of mentoring and support you to seriously level up your business and move your life forward.


Booming Lifestyle Business Day really help you gain clarity around where you want your business and brand to go and what’s stopping you from getting there. By the end of the day you will feel more empowered and confident.


The GirlBoss Mindset Academy will support brilliant women like you to breakthrough anything getting in the way of you making great money & sharing your gifts with the world at the level you know you’re capable of.

Hi! I'm Tihana,

With over a decade of management & coaching experience, I support & empower ENTREPRENEURS to create profitable businesses and keep their sanity. 

Personally, I believe that every woman deserves to live a life she really wants, so I have focused and specialized in coaching women around the world to learn how to build a job based on freedom, how to become financially independent and how to set the mindset for success.

For 17 years, I’ve been offering clear guidelines to my clients and individually tailored programs that are fully focused on the outcome.

The most successful part of the story begins in 2017 when I concluded contracts with 32 clients in the period of 2 and a half months…

Today, I continue with my coaching programs, teaching and sharing “success stories” with other ambitious women, so that they also learn how to create their own success.

I want to share my own strategy with all the juicy details, to know at any time what steps need to be taken to create a serious business, how to masterfully attract perfect clients and how to structure your business for ultimate scalability.

As women, we need a greater connection with our businesses. We value integrity, flexibility, freedom, and above all, a greater purpose. But we can’t do it alone.

So, if you are looking for an entrepreneurial coach, then feel free to contact me.

The whole process is pretty awesome and I’m pretty sure it will be a game changer for you too.

The key to achieve any goal is to set off from a thought to a course of action.

Tihana Fulir