We Are Here By Choice

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We spend so much of our lives pushing – don’t we? – striving to attain some status, acquire things, know important persons, or earn some amount of money? We errantly believe that once we make that first million, or drive that Mercedes, then we will have arrived. However, we never get there, not this way. And our ego-driven, ambition-laden lives prevent us from enjoying our precious present moments.

And we wonder why. Why aren’t we happy? Why isn’t life more fulfilling? When will things look up for us? It’s not like we’re not trying, pushing, striving for what we want, right?

In the meantime, we often suffer anxiety, depression and a general sense of distraction and discontent. Inevitably, we hit a wall.

We need a new perspective. We need to understand that WE ARE HERE BY CHOICE.




We often think that we would not choose THIS path and direction for ourselves, unfortunately – the reality is completely different.

Although we have the challenges we need to overcome and which imply our growth, the only problem is that we have forgotten the instructions for use.
But that is not our fault.

– No, we are not lazy or useless.
– Yes, we do deserve more.
– And yes, we do have everything in our hands (or minds).

The problem is that we have installed the wrong program, and now is the time for the new installation.

No matter what you want to achieve, whether you want to change your career, get a new relationship, financial independence or a trip around the world, ‘We are here by choice’ will lead you in the right direction to be happy and fulfilled, free and unique, creative and positive – especially when you faced with fears, guilt and failure.

I wrote this book because when I have tough moments and when the /shi’tastik/ feeling does not stop knocking, this book quickly changes my direction, thoughts and actions.

➜ It’s more than a cliché.
➜ It’s more than a phrase.
➜ This is unconditional optimism.

🦋 And most importantly, it’s about making you invincible 🦋

So, are you ready to meet yourself? 

More praise for We Are Here By Choice:

“In a world where everyone and everything is trying to grab your attention, there is finally a solution to break through the noise. I’ve learned a lot reading We Are Here By Choice and it truly is a GAME CHANGER!” ~ Susan

“It’s simply such a simple book… It’s like good food, you read and enjoy it. It a light read, clear to everyone…and it calls you to read it again. I like it very much.~ Iva

“Beautiful, easy to read, suitable for everyone, a text like this is, essentially, a Bible for everyday life.” ~ Vida